2017 Workshops Ecopsychology • Re-wilding • Cob Making • Yoga • Keeping Bees • Meditation • Biodynamics • Apple pressing • Writing • Art • Permaculture • Spoon Carving • Herb Walks • Singing • Movement • Dance • Gratitude ceremonies and much more.
Loads of Family Fun! Unplugging and plugging into nature, getting down and dirty withProject Dirt Straw Boat with willow sculptures, plus a wide range of Nature Workshops with Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

The Truth Mandala by Nicola Peel. This ritual exercise provides a simple, respectful, whole group structure for owning and honoring our pain for the world, and for recognizing its authority and the solidarity it can bring. It provides space for fear, sorrow, grief, anger, longing, emptiness and hope to be expressed and witnessed. From despair to empowerment we first acknowledge our truth and then move into change.

Project Dirt's Offline at Seed Festival Everything that's brilliant about the online Project Dirt network comes together offline for a dose of inspiration and knowledge sharing, to help accelerate impact and celebrate community. Join the Project Dirt area as they host hands-on workshops and talks brought to you by incredible community businesses, from their ever growing network.These projects, coming together offline for the first time, not only to share their stories with you, but also their skills and knowledge. Come along and get your hands dirty with their interactive, family-friendly and practical demonstrations! Running throughout the day - Sewing patchwork quilts, yarn making and natural dye making, puppet making, learning how to graft an apple tree, cob wall building, making cereal from sustainable ingredients. Learn the essentials of setting up, running and spreading the word about community business from people who are getting stuck in! Let's move out of the office and into the world's best classroom – where our creativity is on overdrive.

Caspar Walsh - Words from the Earth - Workshop We are all myth makers. Nature is a mirror to the myth. A true a reflection of who you are in the world. You just need to know when, where and how to look. Come dig for the words . Write, share, listen with Casper Walsh and Words of the Earth. The Seed Festival website will publish a mix of what we create.
A harmonious and delicious session of singing together in the woods, songs of our love of the earth and our connection with all life. Both relaxing and inspiring. All welcome, no experience needed. Led by local community choir teacher, Jo McAndrews

Jewels Wingfield - Wild Grief, Holy Love A ceremony for everyone - Through embracing the wild and sacred gateway of our Grief together; witnessed and welcomed, a powerful Love rises up from within us and becomes a catalyst in the healing of our world. Let fall the cloak of shame that hides the beauty of your grieving soul and throw open the gates of your untethered heart. All are welcome, bring a cushion. Jewels Wingfield has over 25 years experience work in relation to the collective evolution of humanity. She has a long background in the environmental movement as well as relationship and self empowerment work. She bring these things together in a unique alchemical mix and is well known for her cutting edge work

Lisa Schneidau - Story and the Land Everything in nature has its own story - but how often do we really listen? Explore your own relationship with nature and the land through storytelling. Lisa will lead a fun and interactive session using stories, games and discussion. For ages 10+

Sunday Morning Earth Beats will be providing an uplifting, mindful dance practice that helps us connect to ourselves, each other and the world around us. From a space of embodiment and heartfulness we journey through the five elements to experience our interdependence with others, our community, spirit and the wider web of life.

Paul Howell - Awaken the Wild Heart - Nature and Soul 'The wild natural world is both the source and original mirror of the human soul. Come to the forest to explore the principles and practices that allow us to approach, pass through the three gateways, enter become present to the deep wild so we can hear the earth speak directly - in it’s original voice.' Paul Howell

The Warriors’ Way – A Journey to the Heart Workshoping of Steph Bradley’s forthcoming book The Utopia of 2050. We will hear from the children of 2050 what life is like for them, and explore some of the inner issues that we face today as if we were living in those times ourselves. Check out our group on FB. Storyteller Steph Bradley worked for Transition Network before walking 2000 miles around England in a pair of old red flip flops. She has published 2 books and is working on a third, inspired by a pilgrimage across Wales in search of Tales of Inner Transition. She is studying for an MA in Ecology and Spirituality at the Schumacher College.

Joanna Watters, This Beautiful Work, “Into the Heart of Our Nature - as within, so without" When we relate to anything and everything from the place of our own heart, the world in all its manifestations magically transforms and opens. This is a held space to be guided back into the territory of your own felt sense, into your heart and your essential nature, in the present moment, and be nourished.

Joy Hicklin-Bailey - Ho’oponopono a practice of the indigenous Hawaiian peoples Discover how living love, no matter what, heals the fear, judgements, blame, grief and powerlessness that can arise from the intensity of planetary and climactic change. Ho’oponopono is a profound forgiveness practice of the indigenous Hawaiian peoples. This guided exploration and meditation takes you back to an open heart and a realisation of the perfection within the imperfections. As you transform your projection of the planet, humanity and nature, right action emerges that heals rather than divides.Find out more about Joy Hicklin-Bailey.

Inez Aponte - Beautiful Economies – Transforming the dismal science Much of what gives life meaning is invisible in current economic thinking. But what if we could transform our economic story to make space for what really matters? This interactive session explores a radically different perception of economics, questioning existing notions of wealth and poverty, and offering ways of seeing that will be crucial to birthing a new cultural and economic paradigm. Inez Aponte is a storyteller, community organiser and founder of Growing Good Lives, where she works with individuals, communities and organisations seeking to improve their quality of life in balance with the Earth’s ecology.

Anne Thomas - Mandala Paintings Workshop Anne creates colourful mandalas inspired by the cycles and patterns in Nature. Her designs are created prayerfully, with specific intent; reflecting the beauty of Life, and presenting it as an offering to the viewer. Anne will hold mandala painting exhibition alongside her workshops. A mandala can be perfectly simple or elaborately complex in colour and construction, sometimes incorporating symbols and sacred geometry. Whether simple or complex, the creation of a mandala can be a deeply satisfying process, providing a way to work artistically that can help us feel more centred and connected with ourselves and within the world around us.

Katz Cowley ~Draw Your Heart Out Creative self-expression is our natural birthright. The most magical pathway to drawing is through playfulness and following our natural impulses. Keeping a creative journal is a wonderful way to build drawing skills and confidence, while having a silent companion to spill into. It can also deepen our connection to ourselves, our impulses and our environment. We'll be exploring how drawing can open up a more playful, creative engagement with life. Bring your curiosity...No confidence or experience necessary! Katz is a Best~selling, Award~winning Children's book Illustrator & facilitator, re~establishing here in the UK after 15 years away, mostly in New Zealand.

Spare Room Arts up cycle yourself' workshop Basically a dressing up workshop, everyone likes to let their hair down at a festival and this is the perfect way of doing it. We will be making amazing skirts, head dresses, super capes and if you want to bring along any old clothes you either want to donate to the workshops or up cycle yourself please feel very welcome. All materials used will be 100 percent recycled but look a million dollars... old is the new NEW after all! this workshop is suitable for everyone! come along and join in! specialise in outdoor events and festivals with the ethos of getting as many people involved in arts and creativity as possible.Using mainly recycled materials in my workshops it demonstrates how everyday objects can be transformed in to pieces of art work and also emphasis the need to be more mindful of our waste and the environment around us.

Silent Space is a not-for-profit project taking place in a growing number of UK gardens that open to the public. For a few hours at a time, each garden reserves an area where visitors have the opportunity to switch off their devices and to enjoy the restorative benefits of being silent in a green place and without distraction. Silent Space was set up and is co-ordinated by garden writer, Liz Ware.

Matt Bishop - Creating and maintaining a native woodland estate. Finding and purchasing land for planting. Legal aspects, land accessibility, types of soil suitable for planting, planning of plantation. Sourcing saplings, planting techniques, using species of tree to that suit the locality, Willow Alder Birch Hazel etc for wetland, Ash Oak Beech etc for good land. Advantages of planting.multi varieties of tree species to eco system. Times of year for planting. Commercial planning for plantation. Tools needed and how to use them. True temper spade, secateurs, loper's,saws, slash hook petrol strimmer etc. Importance of cutting back and pruning excess growth. Thinning out and coppicing techniques. Planting an Orchard, selecting and sourcing trees. Feeding, pruning and harvesting of fruit. Grafting.Maintaining hedgerows, creating hedgerows and benefits of having hedgerow trees, crab apple, Blackthorn, Elder, Hawthorne etc.

Andy Raingold - Deep Time Dive Andy Raingold, Director, Change in Nature offers a sensory exploration of the history of this living planet. Experience the 4.6 billion years since the formation of our home to the present day in 46 minutes. An evolutionary journey that combines science and imagination in the wilds.
Josie Felce - Tree Connection Come and connect with a tree. Sketch its leaves, seeds, bark and shape, and listen to what it tells you. Share your experiences with the group. Complete with Qi Kung and simple tree song. With Facilitator Josie Felce, experienced workshop leader, storyteller and harpist.

Becky Harvey - Family animal yoga will be based on hatha yoga techniques, but with a focus on the postures with names related to animals! It will be accessible to all ages and abilities, and we will have a playful practice to connect with nature and express our inner animals!"
Spoon Making with Wayne Sequoia "Like cooking? Enjoy eating? Love trees? Want time for contemplation and to learn new skills? Combine them by making a spoon! Just bring yourself and some hands." (for ALL ages 12 & above)

Isabella Coin - Shared Assets. Using land for the common good At Shared Assets we believe that land is a common good that should deliver shared benefits for everyone. We provide advice and support to landowners and communities who want to manage land as a sustainable and productive asset. We also undertake research, policy and advocacy work to help create an environment where common good land management can flourish. Join us at Seed as we delve into this topic and give the answers you need to help you start your own project. Project Dirt Area

Neil Kingsnorth, CEO, Orchard Project. Apple trees are created by grafting - taking two different parts of a tree and putting them tother in the right way. In this hands on session, learn about what grafting is, why we do it, and take part in a practical introduction to summer and winter grafting. Neil Kingsnorth, CEO, Orchard Project, will walk you through the basics and give you a chance to have a practice. Then you can take the skills away to apply yourself and start to build your own orchard. Dirt Area

Imogen, Bright Moon. Dying that Doesn't Cost the Earth - Natural dyes and yarns and how to use them A discussion and demo of how to repurpose avocado stones and onion skins to make your own fabric dyes. Including demonstrations of wool carding and hand drop-spinning to create your own yarns. The yarn is hand-spun in the UK by independent spinners using ethical wool from rescue and small sustainable flocks of rare breed South Downs; this is custom blended with wild (vegan) silk, linen and soy fibres and dyed responsibly using natural plant based colour-ways, to create a range of beautiful yarn, blended and spun for weavers by weavers.Project Dirt Area

Community Energy England, Emma Bridge CEO. Powering Together – taking control of the energy revolution Community Energy England’s vision is for every community to be able to own, manage and benefit from their own energy. This talk will explore what community energy is, how it has grown, its impacts, the barriers it has faced and what the future holds. What can you do to take control and join the revolution'? Project Dirt Area

Imogen Di Sapia, Bright Moon. The Craft Economy Women in craft, the underground community business Bright Moon is the studio of textiles artist-maker Imogen Di Sapia, creating handwoven textiles, blankets and wraps inspired by nature and folklore. Imogen discusses the underground community of women in craft and how you can harness the power of social media to build a community online. Art Dress, Imogen Di Sapia. Imagination and Play - The Recycled Way - Puppet making and storytelling for kids (and big kids) Bright Moon Theatre is a collaborative company of artists and makers who create, perform and host making workshops in therapeutic puppetry and folklore storytelling. Create simple spoon & textile puppets for a dynamic telling of Little Red Riding Hood.Project Dirt Area

Alex Smith, CEO, Alara How to promote sustainability and champion biodiversity in urban city life. From a community compost hub to a city permaculture garden, an anaerobic digestor to the founder of The Most Sustainable Food Manufacturer on Earth, Alex Smith talks how to achieve in sustainability and biodiversity within the realms of urban city life. Get creative by mixing together your own cereal from a selection of Alara's sustainable ingredients. Project Dirt Area

Power to Change and School of Social Entrepreneurs. Trade Up! Become a Community Business. Your next steps to starting out as a community business.Put your inspiration into action! Power to Change is an independent trust, whose funding is used to strengthen community businesses across England. Community businesses revive local assets, protect the services people rely on, and address local needs. Power to Change and School of Social Entrepreneurs share the story of Trade Up and show you step by step actions to making your ideas into a real business with real community impact.Project Dirt Area

Dr Larch Maxey, Bright Green Futures. How to self build your home and an introduction to cob wall building Want to build your own home? Inspired by the idea of building a new community? Dr Larch Maxey shares his knowledge and tips on how to go about it, from getting your hands dirty with some practical cob wall building to what challenges you may face in the bigger picture.Project Dirt Area

Stuart Taylor, Community Food Growers Network Making a business from your food produce Community Food Growers Network is an informal network of people involved in community food growing in London. We share ideas, information and skills around the importance of growing food in the city, and campaign on issues important to us as food growers rooted in our local communities. Join Stuart Taylor as he looks at the many sizes and shapes a community food grower business can take and how you can get involved in your nearest community.Project Dirt Area

Neil Kingsnorth, CEO, Orchard Project. One way to disrupt a failing food system The food system is failing. It’s driving climate change and biodiversity collapse. People go hungry when there is more than enough for everyone to eat. Our food comes from all over the world when it’s in season round the corner. And thanks to that, our communities are at risk of shocks if and when that system starts to fail. There is a better way. Neil Kingsnorth, CEO of The Orchard Project, sets out why community food growing is central to efforts to disrupt the current food system, with community orchards sitting at the heart of that solution. Includes a chance to share your own stories and find out some of the steps needed to getting your own community orchard going.

From Vine to Wine - Biodynamics in a Somerset vineyard - Robin Snowdon Intro: Come and learn about the joys of biodynamic vineyards and wine, and taste some examples from vineyards in the UK. Workshop run by Robin Snowdon who set up and manages Limeburn Hill Biodynamic Vineyard near Bristol.

Tommy Crawford & Lucy Taylor, Dancing Fox Causing Beautiful Mischief. Dancing Fox is a story-hacking, culture-jamming agency that collaborates with artists, activists and troublemakers of all sorts to create campaigns and stories that playfully challenge feelings of apathy and fear with bold and bodacious ideas — that are brimming with outrageous amounts of kindness, compassion and generosity (and a big dollop of cheekiness, just for good measure). Join Tommy and Lucy to explore how improv theatre, wild settings, and foxy wisdom can combine to create beautiful disruptions that invite people into new ways of seeing and acting in the world.

Herb Walk with Caroline Sheldrick People have always used their locally growing wild plants as medicine. With a little help you too can learn to ‘forage your own drugs’. We will take a short walk and find plants to use as remedies for several common ailments. Caroline is a qualified medical herbalist who has worked in clinics around Stroud since 2003. She loves introducing people to the skills of plant identification and the safe use of wild plants in medicine. Caroline Sheldrick BA BSc MNIMH, Medical Herbalist