Life without plastic waste – Claudi Williams
Claudi demonstrates the practical steps her family has taken over the last three years to dramatically reduce plastic waste and avoid unintended consequences of alternative materials by reducing their rate of consumption. Be inspired by simple solutions to a complicated problem and take away ideas, insights and a sense of empowerment.


Seed Saving for Resilience – Why and how? – Fred Groom
In this interactive workshop, Devon based Fred from Vital Seeds will discuss why it is so important to save your own seed, and how to produce top quality seed with very basic equipment. This hands on workshop includes: Self-pollinating vs cross-pollinating crops – tips for isolation, harvesting, processing and storing seed and finally germination testing seed at home.
Lip to Lung, Larynx and Tongue. A Global Glottal Adventure: Bandmouth, Beatbox and Beyond – Mal Webb
Around the world and into your gob, vocal explorer and songwriter Mal Webb takes you on a lip to lung journey through the physics, physiology and phrivolity of all the sounds a face can make. Sideways yodelling, beatbox/mouthdrums/vocal percussion, harmonics/throat singing, mic technique, looping, advanced clapping and vocal distortion (without hurting) are all explored on the way to being a band with your voice and the lead singer too.


Bees, Trees and Seeds for Thought and Action – Christian Gruetzmacher

A reflection on paradigm change and its meaning for sustainable action. How can we learn from Bees, Trees and Seeds? And how does seeing the world differently leads to real change? Followed by an invitation to ‘deeply’ meet with the Bees at the nearby Bee-Observatory.

Instinction – Lazarus Species – Mandy Pullen
Instinction is an ‘obsolete’ word, it has become extinct. Yet here it is, returned from the dead, exactly at this time of rapid species extinction. Meaning ‘inspiration’ or ‘impulse’ it asks that we re-examine where or how species exist and/or originate.

Being Love in Action – Madelanne Rust D’Eye
Body-Informed Leadership for Resilience in the Face of Collapse. Beneath conscious awareness, what body-based signals and practices shape our groups’ behaviour? Explore ways to engage this sensory landscape to allow our Nervous Systems to self-and co-regulate, to bring our whole selves into our world-changing work, and to increase our capacity for interconnection – even love – in the face of social and environmental collapse.


Grow your own Happiness – Wisdom from Nature – Alan Heeks
Imagine cultivating your wellbeing as an organic gardener tends their land. This session in Hawkwood’s magical market garden shows you practical ways to apply organic growth to yourself: for example, composting stress, nourishing your roots, valuing your wild margins. It draws on Alan’s twenty years’ experience creating an organic farm and the conservation woodland at Hazel Hill Wood.

Embody your brilliance & develop your passion project in 5 bold moves – Victoria Whelan
Victoria (Seed Festival Producer) loves igniting Change Makers,Soulentrpeneurs,Eco Lovers,
Spiritual Movers and Shakers to find their way in doing what they love, being a force of good
This workshop is for those ready to take the next steps in bring their vision to the world. 
Bring pen and pad, imagination and willingness, curiosity and a little courage.

“Victoria masterfully creates a safe space to journey and a beautiful playful invitation
that sees you exploring and journeying in new and enlightening ways to
reveal unexpected wisdom and insight from within yourself
. Catherine Keely – AUS

Riding with Rhiannon – Jackie Singer
A guided drum journey to meet a horse goddess!  Rhiannon, once worshipped in these lands, is associated with passion, healing and rebirth. In this workshop Jackie (Storyteller and Shamanic Practitioner) will invoke her, and explore how we can embody her qualities to bring benefit to ourselves, our communities and the world.


Make your own toothpaste – Claudi Williams 
Claudi demonstrates how to make tasty and effective toothpaste with just five ingredients available on the high street. When Claudi and her family embarked on their experiment of living a whole year without buying plastic, one of the first things they had to learn was how to make simple everyday toiletries.

Eco Shamanism – Becoming one with our Earth – Mandy Pullen
Eco Shamanism is a marriage of shamanism and deep ecology . . . and a way forward for our souls or spirits to reconnect with the anima mundi, or world soul. Using sensory perceptions and perspectives it is a way of ‘becoming one with our Earth’.


Water Wizardry – Darren Brock
This Workshop aims to educate and raise awareness on the importance of water that we use and put into or bodies. I discuss the effects of tap water and the bottled water industry, the importance of water in nature and its protection. Sharing solutions to improve the water we use at all levels. Discussing the truth on tap water and the bottle water industry; the use and effects of plastic bottles and looking into the nature of water & natural water sources, Darren will demonstrate processes he uses at home to create the healthiest water possible.

Restorative Movement in Nature – Madelanne Rust D’Eye
In the midst of intensity – whether it’s the intensity of climate change or simply of being at a festival – this session invites us to slow down and notice what’s alive in our bodies, to soften, to move, and to rest. This practice includes elements from Authentic Movement, nature connection, and Somatic Experiencing. No prior experience required

Other Voices: deep listening to the natural world – Tony Whitehead
Other Voices is a series of participatory group listening activities. Explore connection to the natural world through deep and immersive listening, reveal new sounds and hear nature as you have not heard it before. Led by South Devon sound artist and naturalist Tony Whitehead  – he runs Very Quiet Records, broadcasts with Soundart Radio in Totnes and helps organise the “Quiet Night In” concert series in Exeter.

The Magic of Plant Seed oils in Skincare – Laura Pardoe
Founder of Field Fresh Skincare and author of Vital Skincare

Used for millennia, plant seed oils are the superstars of natural skincare as we challenge where our basic products are sourced, and how to live symbiotically with nature.

In this workshop, learn about oils offered from our native plants and the simple ways to use them in your own skincare. 
The impact of plant seed oils and their relevance in natural skincare.
The plants they come from and how they are extracted (difference with macerated oils and essential oils).
Why I focus on temperate oils (the benefits and the pitfalls).
Characteristics of oils (absorbency, length, fattiness) – try and test different oils

How to use oils in skincare: Cleansing – oil cleansing: why, how (& how to create a cleansing balm or cream)
Moisturising – blending oils with water (dry skin, dehydrated skin) 
Take away: a little bottle of cleansing oil to try

Silent Space – Liz Ware
Silent Space is a simple not for profit project bringing tranquillity to our busy lives. It reserves parts of beautiful gardens open to the public for silent visiting – somewhere we can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, free from distraction. Take time to reflect during the festival in Hawkwood’s pretty Walled Garden.