2017 Workshops Ecopsychology • Re-wilding • Constellating • Yoga • Keeping Bees • Meditation • Biodynamics •Writing • Art • Forgaging • Qi Gong • Permaculture • Herb Walks • Singing • Movement • Dance • Gratitude ceremonies and much more.
Loads of Family Fun! Unplugging and plugging into nature, getting down and dirty withProject Dirt Straw Boat with willow sculptures, plus a wide range of Nature Workshops with Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

Food, seeds and soil talks and worskhops with Heritage Seed Library, Gardening Organically, with Permaculture and Biodynamics.
The Truth Mandala by Nicola Peel. This ritual exercise provides a simple, respectful, whole group structure for owning and honoring our pain for the world, and for recognizing its authority and the solidarity it can bring. It provides space for fear, sorrow, grief, anger, longing, emptiness and hope to be expressed and witnessed. From despair to empowerment we first acknowledge our truth and then move into change.

Caspar Walsh - Words from the Earth - Workshop We are all myth makers. Nature is a mirror to the myth. A true a reflection of who you are in the world. You just need to know when, where and how to look. Come dig for the words . Write, share, listen with Casper Walsh and Words of the Earth. The Seed Festival website will publish a mix of what we create.
A harmonious and delicious session of singing together in the woods, songs of our love of the earth and our connection with all life. Both relaxing and inspiring. All welcome, no experience needed. Led by local community choir teacher, Jo McAndrews

Constellate Connection with Nature. Like family constellations, systemic environmental constellations can explore our personal connection to nature. Explore what holds us back from loving the earth with all we have, as well finding the support and resources we need to be strong in the face of change.
Loads more workshops coming soon including Yoga, Qi Gong, Foraging, Dance of Universal Peace.

Jewels Wingfield - Wild Grief, Holy Love A ceremony for everyone - Through embracing the wild and sacred gateway of our Grief together; witnessed and welcomed, a powerful Love rises up from within us and becomes a catalyst in the healing of our world. Let fall the cloak of shame that hides the beauty of your grieving soul and throw open the gates of your untethered heart. All are welcome, bring a cushion. Jewels Wingfield has over 25 years experience work in relation to the collective evolution of humanity. She has a long background in the environmental movement as well as relationship and self empowerment work. She bring these things together in a unique alchemical mix and is well known for her cutting edge work

Lisa Schneidau - Story and the Land Everything in nature has its own story - but how often do we really listen? Explore your own relationship with nature and the land through storytelling. Lisa will lead a fun and interactive session using stories, games and discussion. For ages 10+
Yuli Somme of Bellacouche presents a workshop - details coming soon soft-eco-coffin-Oak-Hazel-Elm

Sunday Morning Earth Beats will be providing an uplifting, mindful dance practice that helps us connect to ourselves, each other and the world around us. From a space of embodiment and heartfulness we journey through the five elements to experience our interdependence with others, our community, spirit and the wider web of life.

Paul Howell - Awaken the Wild Heart - Nature and Soul 'The wild natural world is both the source and original mirror of the human soul. Come to the forest to explore the principles and practices that allow us to approach, pass through the three gateways, enter become present to the deep wild so we can hear the earth speak directly - in it’s original voice.' Paul Howell

The Warriors’ Way – A Journey to the Heart Workshoping of Steph Bradley’s forthcoming book The Utopia of 2050. We will hear from the children of 2050 what life is like for them, and explore some of the inner issues that we face today as if we were living in those times ourselves. Check out our group on FB. Storyteller Steph Bradley worked for Transition Network before walking 2000 miles around England in a pair of old red flip flops. She has published 2 books and is working on a third, inspired by a pilgrimage across Wales in search of Tales of Inner Transition. She is studying for an MA in Ecology and Spirituality at the Schumacher College.

Joanna Watters, This Beautiful Work, “Into the Heart of Our Nature - as within, so without" When we relate to anything and everything from the place of our own heart, the world in all its manifestations magically transforms and opens. This is a held space to be guided back into the territory of your own felt sense, into your heart and your essential nature, in the present moment, and be nourished.

Joy Hicklin-Bailey - Ho’oponopono a practice of the indigenous Hawaiian peoples Discover how living love, no matter what, heals the fear, judgements, blame, grief and powerlessness that can arise from the intensity of planetary and climactic change. Ho’oponopono is a profound forgiveness practice of the indigenous Hawaiian peoples. This guided exploration and meditation takes you back to an open heart and a realisation of the perfection within the imperfections. As you transform your projection of the planet, humanity and nature, right action emerges that heals rather than divides.Find out more about Joy Hicklin-Bailey.

Inez Aponte - Beautiful Economies – Transforming the dismal science Much of what gives life meaning is invisible in current economic thinking. But what if we could transform our economic story to make space for what really matters? This interactive session explores a radically different perception of economics, questioning existing notions of wealth and poverty, and offering ways of seeing that will be crucial to birthing a new cultural and economic paradigm. Inez Aponte is a storyteller, community organiser and founder of Growing Good Lives, where she works with individuals, communities and organisations seeking to improve their quality of life in balance with the Earth’s ecology.

Anne Thomas - Mandala Paintings Workshop Anne creates colourful mandalas inspired by the cycles and patterns in Nature. Her designs are created prayerfully, with specific intent; reflecting the beauty of Life, and presenting it as an offering to the viewer. Anne will hold mandala painting exhibition alongside her workshops. A mandala can be perfectly simple or elaborately complex in colour and construction, sometimes incorporating symbols and sacred geometry. Whether simple or complex, the creation of a mandala can be a deeply satisfying process, providing a way to work artistically that can help us feel more centred and connected with ourselves and within the world around us.

Katz Cowley ~Draw Your Heart Out Creative self-expression is our natural birthright. The most magical pathway to drawing is through playfulness and following our natural impulses. Keeping a creative journal is a wonderful way to build drawing skills and confidence, while having a silent companion to spill into. It can also deepen our connection to ourselves, our impulses and our environment. We'll be exploring how drawing can open up a more playful, creative engagement with life. Bring your curiosity...No confidence or experience necessary! Katz is a Best~selling, Award~winning Children's book Illustrator & facilitator, re~establishing here in the UK after 15 years away, mostly in New Zealand.

Simon Walker - Wildhearts Bushcraft Spoons. Hand-crafting a wooden spoon is about more than making a utensil. As you find the shape within the wood you forge a deeper connection to the natural materials our abundant earth provides. Our workshops offer the chance to uncover creativity and reconnect with the natural world in an open and supportive space.

Spare Room Arts up cycle yourself' workshop Basically a dressing up workshop, everyone likes to let their hair down at a festival and this is the perfect way of doing it. We will be making amazing skirts, head dresses, super capes and if you want to bring along any old clothes you either want to donate to the workshops or up cycle yourself please feel very welcome. All materials used will be 100 percent recycled but look a million dollars... old is the new NEW after all! this workshop is suitable for everyone! come along and join in! specialise in outdoor events and festivals with the ethos of getting as many people involved in arts and creativity as possible.Using mainly recycled materials in my workshops it demonstrates how everyday objects can be transformed in to pieces of art work and also emphasis the need to be more mindful of our waste and the environment around us.