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Here at Hawkwood’s Seed Festival we have so much experience and expertise within the all the festival goers, we felt to offer Hive Mind Sessions where we cross pollinate each other – it will be buzzing!

Trees, Woods and People – from outrage to separation to now – Woodland Trust
It’s taken 800 years for us to acknowledge the debt we owe to trees. But the leaves are turning with the Tree Charter. This ground-up, people-led accord articulates our very modern relationship with some of the planet’s oldest inhabitants. Now all we need to do is bring it to life…



The Sensory Herbal Handbook – survival into the future – Seed Sistas
In this workshop we will divulge some top tips for getting familiar with the plant world and the medicine it has on offer.  What are the ecological plant stories waiting to be told and what can we do with this knowledge?  Come and discover an essential part of any survival tool kit, Sensory Herbalism.



is an art installation focused on creating awareness through interactivity on environmental issues. By including data our purpose is to create empathy, aiming directly at enhancing people’s consciousness in order to generate behaviour change and stimulate pro-environmental actions. We want to communicate people’s environmental impact, motivate and consequently encourage pro-environmental response. 

Rediscover Hemp – the original seed of life! Hempen Co-operative
There is evidence to suggest that hemp was the first ever cultivated crop and maybe even the plant that taught us the seed to plant process. Until 100 years ago this plant was abundant, its only now that we are rediscovering hemp and its ability to change our world.

Tools for Community Resilence – Alan Heeks
In the years ahead, strengthening local communities will be crucial. This is a chance to learn from many communities through Alan’s research, and share your insights. We’ll explore practical approaches drawing on Alan’s Future Conversations project, which is running pilot programmes around the UK using facilitated conversations and skills training to help communities handle both local issues and climate change.


Nature in Mind? What your biology teacher never told you – Roger Duncan
This talk will explore a kind of madness at the core of the developed world that has separated the growth of human cultural systems from the destruction of the environment on which these systems depend and will invite you to radically reimagine the relationship between humans and nature.





Panel includes: Extinction Rebellion 
LUSH and the If Not Now Digital
If not YOU then WHO?
If not NOW then WHEN?
The fact is we need all hands to the wheel
in whatever ways and skills you have.
Enjoy this lively debate with this amazing panel
and see how many ways there is to make an impact!

Plant-based for the planet: is it worth it? William Gildea
We often hear that plant-based is better for the environment, but by how much? Is it worth the effort? Are there better diets for the planet? Find out at this engaging 101 on food and the climate, and get some fresh tips on how to plate up for the planet.


Three years to transform soil, landscape, community – Biodynamic Association
Biodynamics? See examples of soil transformation, bare fields becoming nature-rich farms. Gardens become places of transformation for the individual, family, community and nature. Biodynamics brings wellbeing to your soil, your soul and your insects. Join the garden rebellion – bring yours alive, soil soul and spirit.




hosted by Resurgance & Ecologist Magazine
and the Network of Wellbeing – NOW
Here at Hawkwood’s Seed Festival we have so much experience and expertise within the all the festival goers, we felt to offer Hive Mind Sessions where we cross pollinate each other – it will be buzzing!

Tree Walk – Robin Walter
Author of Living with trees Robin Walter will walk round the grounds of Hawkwood observing the trees and woods, reflecting on their many contributions and considering our future together. What can we do to help our trees? How can we live better with trees and welcome more into our lives?

Reflective council – Roger Duncan
In this session we will hold a space for a form of meeting practiced by indigenous cultures. Council is a way of speaking and listening from the heart that invites us to listen to the emerging ideas that wait patiently beyond the reach of purely intellectual debate.



Panel includes: The Vegan Society 
and Biodynamic Association
With Industrial Agriculture contributing to emissions and water usage
we are having to rethink our choices with food and what we serve up on our plates.
Whether you enjoyed Veganuary or organic local meat this is a sizzling topic with many voices.

Living With Trees – Robin Walter
Why have we lost most of our trees and woods? What role do trees play today? Despite our conquest of nature, trees remain important features in our lives and our landscapes. With an active engagement with trees, we can start to restore the web of life and our place in it.

Land for Food, Food for Health Biodynamic Association
visit the local Stroud Micro Dairy, Stroud Community Agriculture and starter farm and hear about how they work on land funded by the community. Taste the organic raw milk, yogurt, kefir, fresh carrots and other produce on Oakbrook farm which is in conversion to Demeter/Biodynamics.