Seed Festival returns Summer 2015

Friday 17- Sunday 19 July 2015

Putting Art at the Heart of Ecology

Let’s Get Creative About our Future..... In 2015, the year our closest city - Bristol - celebrates being Europe's greenest city, the Hawkwood Seed Festival will focus on the parts of our society that are equipped to make the greatest difference and lead the way - business and its people. We will debate on both a local and national level how we can get creative about our future.

Seed Festival 2015 will • feature leaders to show us the latest innovations in both mitigation and adaptation to climate change • reveal the resulting impact on society • profile businesses who are on the cutting edge of change • engage the strengths of business aligned with social action, arts and celebration • provide creative support, road maps and toolkits for our future world

Stimulating transformation and inspiration, the Seed Festival will create an Intergenerational Garden of Goodwill with • great music • family fun • wonderful food • beautiful surroundings • celebrating our thriving extended community here at Hawkwood.

Seed Festival 2013 – Planting Big Ideas! Hawkwood, nr Stroud on Saturday 6th July. Musicians, Poets, Artists, Inspiring Eco Speakers, Movers and Shakers and YOU! Seed Festival inspires a more intimate and personal connection with our living world and our place within it.

Opening Seed and Keynote Satish Kumar founder of Resurgence and Schumacher College, Other Keynotes by Polly Higgins Ecocide and Embercombe’s Mac Macartney. World music like Gambian Kora Genius, Sura Susso; Sika from NZ; and Japanese sublime duo Kuri, and headlining is national legends with pulsing eco heart Seize The Day. We were very privileged to have the premiere of the Aluna Movie, the message to the world from the Kogi people, with director Alan Eriera introducing the film.