Embercombe is wilding!

Not the big-acre rewilding, but wilding for people, wilding on a human scale. What happens when we lift the fences in our valley, allow animals to roam free, bring back one or two of the ancient species that once lived here?
And what happens when we spend time around the fire, when we watch the sunset together and wake up to birdsong? How does this inform our place in the world?  Come to learn and to debate, to camp and recharge yourself, or come to hire our venue.
We have exciting new course and events – See you beyond the fence! Find out more www.embercombe.org

Inspiring a Reforestation Revolution

Journey to a Billion Trees – There is a powerful solution to climate change ~ the radical reforestation of our planet.

Treesisters have begun our journey from a million trees a year to a billion trees a year. We don’t know how long it will take us to realize this dream, but we know that it’s the only scale that makes sense in today’s climate.

We are gathering all women who feel called to this dream because together we’re a powerful force of nature. If you’d like to go on a deep inner journey of self-discovery and activation while helping to reforest the tropics, this journey is for you…

Building Wellbeing Together

How can we build well being together – in our lives, with others and in harmony with nature?
The Network of Wellbeing and the Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking will explore this and more at the second Building Wellbeing Together Weekend in Stroud, UK, from 13-15 September 2019.

  • Connect with leading people and organisations in the well being movement.
  • Learn from inspiring keynotes and interactive workshops.
  • Have fun and feel rejuvenated through guided nature walks, mindfulness, yoga, singing and more.
  • Make new connections and leave with a renewed sense of purpose.

Valuing Harmony – Triodos Annual Meeting 2019, 24th April 2019

This is not your average formal bank annual meeting!  

Triodos Bank’s mission and vision is to make money work for positive, social, environmental and cultural change.  We are in business to help create a society that protects and promotes the quality of life of all its members, and that has human dignity at its core.

Join us at our Annual Meeting for an exciting afternoon connecting with like-minded people who know money can work for positive change. The theme for this year’s event ‘Valuing Harmony’ is not just a reference to the musical sounds created at our venue,  St George’s, but takes its inspiration from the Harmony Principles, a philosophy that suggests that the solutions to our most pressing modern challenges, from climate change to poverty, can be found through natural order and proportions in areas such as geometry, nature and design.

Through the afternoon we will shine a spotlight on our community of organisations changing the world, discuss what harmony means to us in a panel discussion and audience Q&A hosted by June Sarpong, plus there is a chance to explore our Ethical Marketplace and enjoy a performance from Dionne Draper Sing with Soul. Book your place now

Grow Green Conference, 11th April 2019

This one-day conference at the British Library will explore the potential and challenges of the shift towards farming more plants, and look at the benefits for the environment, public health and animals. It will consider how we can tend our land more effectively, to provide for our changing diets, benefit our farming communities and protect our natural environment. 

Among its 30+ speakers are keynote speakers Marcela Villarreal of the United Nations, Dr Helen Harwatt of Harvard University, and Natalie Bennett, former Leader of the Green Party. Book your place now


We are working towards being a ‘zero waste’ event, walking our talk and becoming more ‘eco’. This year we have invested in compost loos, hybrid renewable energy, water bottle refill points and wash stations. The goal is to get everyone involved and taking action together to make the festival the most environmentally friendly it can be.  

So bring your favourite mug, a bowl or plate, cutlery and we will serve your food to your plate, then make new friends at the washing up stations.  Triodos Bank will be providing free cotton bags to pop it all , maybe then hang it up at the station for later. Please note that no glass is permitted onsite.

Based in the South West, LOOP is a conscious start-up bringing real plates, cutlery and mugs to festivals and events with the aim of offsetting single-use alternatives.  LOOP hires their stock to event organisers or individually to festival attendees to help large gatherings on the journey to becoming truly Zero Waste.

For £2.50 you can hire an enamelware deep plate, enamelware mug, knife, fork & spoon for the entire weekend. Book now
In addition, they also charge a £10.00 fully refundable deposit that will come back to you upon safe return of the items.

Biodynamic Gardening Club

This is the Biodynamic Association’s inspirational new venture: a digital gardening club for all that are curious about biodynamic approach and practices, who want to learn  more, deepen their relationship with Nature and their patch, and create havens of  vitality and biodiversity – above and below ground.
Our vision is to build a mutually supportive and inter-active UK wide on line gardening community. Together with our partners, Weleda and Waltham Place Estate, our mission is to empower people to nurture truly planet friendly plots, make a lasting difference for the Earth, and grow great food!  Eager to know more and join us ?  Email office@biodynamic.org.uk 

Permaculture 100th Edition

Permaculture Magazine is a hand-crafted, quarterly magazine that will help you to save money in your home and in the wider community. Full of practical solutions and features from the best writers, teachers and permaculture enthusiasts around the world.

Permaculture Magazine: Earth care, people care, future care is a lifestyle magazine that gives the tools needed to create productive and sustainable homes, gardens, economies, relationships, schools, farms and communities. Our range of articles include no dig gardening, food forests, community projects, renewable technologies, regenerative agriculture, DIY projects, health and wellbeing.

All subscriptions come with FREE Digital and App access to all back issues, so that’s over 26 years of content at your finger tips. Subscribers also receive a free BONUS digital article with every issue and exclusive offers on books and products. A subscription makes a perfect gift for a friend and is an inspirational resource for yourself. It is an ideal introduction to permaculture, a comprehensive research tool for a student, practitioner or academic and a subscription directly helps support permaculture globally.

“In these critical times permaculture solutions are some of the best tools we have for creating a viable and thriving future.” Daryl Hannah, film actress and activist

Established in 1992, Permaculture International magazine is a bestselling international quarterly sharing practical, innovative solutions and global perspectives from a grassroots movement in over 190 countries.

Transitions Stroud's Catalyst Group

Community development and facilitation to develop, design and deliver zero carbon initiatives and projects. This is a ‘seed to tree’ process. We start from active outreach, create involvement and engagement events, help the community as appropriate to putting the gate on new zero carbon community projects across Stroud District. This is not simply working on early stage development and leaving people trying to deliver their needs but, if required by the community, facilitating the whole process to up and running. This generates work for local people in what is likely to be a transformative decade. Find out more about Transition Stroud

The Charter for Trees, Woods and People

The Woodland Trust is the UK’s leading charity championing native woods and trees. It has over 500,000 supporters and aims to:
• Plant native trees and woods to create resilient landscapes for people and wildlife
• Protect irreplaceable ancient woodland
• Restore damaged ancient woodland, bringing precious pieces of our natural history back to life
The Trust is working with a wide range of partner organisations and community groups to lead a movement which seeks to reconnect people and trees. The Charter for Trees, Woods and People (The Tree Charter) launched in November 2017 sets out ten guiding principles that redefine our modern day relationship.

Pebble Fest 27th April London

Chelsea Green Publishing is excited to partner with Pebble Magazine for their upcoming Pebble Festival in London, on April 27th. Pebble Fest is an exciting new eco festival in the heart of London. Come down and enjoy a pop-up ethical high street, as well as numerous panels and talks on sustainable fashion, social impact, food waste, launching your own eco brand, brewing your own beer and much more. We’re excited to welcome Chelsea Green authors Sara Bir, author of The Fruit Foragers Companion and Jereme Zimmerman, author of Brew Beer Like a Yeti, who will be leading talks and workshops on the day. To book tickets and check out what else is on visit https://pebblemag.com/pebblefest