Mary Portas – BBC’s ‘Queen of Shops’
Mike Berners Lee- There is No Planet B
Gillian Burke – BBC Springwatch
Jonathan Porrit – Forum for the Future
Tom Steward – Good Energy
Kit Beazley – Triodos
Bruce Parry – BBC Tribe & Tawai Film
Jon Young – 8 Shields (USA)
Sue Pritchard – RSA
Maddy Harland – Permaculture
Dr Gail Bradbrook – Extinction Rebellion
Matthew Taylor – RSA 
Rachel Huxley –  C40 cities
Ed Gillespie – Futerra
Natalie Fee – City to Sea
Rob Hopkins – Transition Network
Alison Tickell – Julies Bicycle
Roman Krznaric – Empathy Musuem
Azul Valerie Thome – SOULand
Rachel Huxley – C40 Cities
Mac Macartney – Embercombe 
Helen Browning – Soil Association
Dame Fiona Reynolds – former Director-General, National Trust & Master of Emmanuel College, Cambridge.
Craig Bennett – Friends of Earth
Ian Redmond – Goriilas Org
Anthony Simpson – Electric Cars
and many many more


Drew Dellinger – USA
Kakatsitsi, Master Drummers – GHANA
Mal Webb & Kylie Morrigan – AUS
Mac Macartney & Friends
Murray Kyle – AUS
Shunya – AUS
Alice Night – AUS
Seize The Day
Carrie Tree
Matt Harvey
Nigel Shaw
Natalie Fee & Angus Barr
The Ember Collective
The Fox and the Owl
Liz Terry Collective
Lisa Schneidau
Lucy Mayhew
Daisy Burt
Rob Forest
Sarah Hinds
Kitty Stewart
Alec Harrison
Dan Evans
The Beelievers
Jackie Singer
Tallulah Rendall
Magdalena Atkinson
Elise Yuile Cohen
The Butterfly Wheel
and many more


This years theme is ACTION
So we are offering some longer sessions in which you can learn a skill that will make real impact in your life! You might even go on to share it back within your community,planting a future worth fighting for. Come and learn something new!

∇ How to Live without Plastic  
∇ Grassroots Community Action
∇ Drop in ReUsery
∇ Know your Herbs & Plants
∇ Seed Saving
∇ Learn how to Support Children in this Climate Emergency
∇ Grafting
∇ Connecting Bees, Trees and Seeds
∇ Textiles with a Difference
∇ Body Informed Leadership
∇ Grow your own Happiness
∇ Wisdom from Nature
∇ Seaweed Harvest
∇ 5 Brilliant Ways to Develop your Project
∇ Culture Garden
∇ Awakening the Healthy Masculine for all genders
∇ Make your own Toothpaste
∇ Restorative Movement in Nature
∇ Water Wizardry
∇ Deep Listening to the Natural World
∇ World Compassion Mantra
∇ Bees Wax Wraps
∇ Start a Movement
∇ Seed Bomb Making
∇ Upcycling Crafts 


We are so lucky at Hawkwood’S Seed Festival to have so much experience and expertise within the festival goers. So we wanted to offer Hive Mind Sessions where we cross pollinate each other.

Hosted by Permaculture Magazine,
Network of Wellbeing and
Resurgence and the Ecologist.

They will be buzzing!


∇ Yoga in the Sun
∇ Singing in the Woods
∇ Community Resilance
∇ Ecoshamanism
∇ Ecopsychology
∇ Embody your Brillance
∇ Igniting Change Makers
∇ Walk and Talk Trees
∇ Bandmouth, Beatbox and Beyond
∇ Creatives make Passion Pay
∇ Play at taking Risks
∇ Grafting
∇ Connecting Bees, Trees and Seeds
∇ Textiles with a Difference
∇ Eco Shamanism
∇ Yoga
∇ Mindfulness
∇ Grow your own Happiness
∇ Wisdom from Nature
∇ Earth Chants
∇ Restorative Movement in Nature
∇ Natural Drawing
∇ The Magic of Plant Seed oils in Skincare
∇ Tell your Story with Photography
∇ Rock Painting
∇ Bees Wax Wraps
∇ Seed Bomb Making
∇ Upcycling Crafts 
∇ Willow Weaving


Films has always been a big part
of Hawkwood’s Seed Festival
with two BIG film nights in the Hall.

LUSH will present a series of amazing short films
that they have commissioned by women film makers,
Also Paris to Pittsburg
and The Sequel
plus more to be announce very soon.


Hawkwood is a Place to Grow, a Place to Create and a Place for Conversation
and here at the Seed Festival we invite you to dive deep into two Crucial Conversations:

Panel includes: Extinction Rebellion, LUSH
and the If Not Now Digital


Panel includes: The Vegan Society 
Biodynamic Association and more.

∇ Micro Dairy
∇ Trees, Woods and People
∇ Domestic Footprint Art Installation
∇ Rediscover Hemp
∇ Tools for Resilenace
∇ Nature In Mind
∇ Plant based Diets
∇ 3 years to change the Landscape
∇ Tree talk
∇ Reflective Council


Juggling ∇ Unicycling  ∇  Hula Hoops 

Crazy Upcycled Clothes ∇ Plate Spinning

Devil Sticks ∇ Poi ∇ Pogo 

Slackline ∇ Stilts  ∇ Stories

Space Hoppers ∇ Crafts

Weave Sensory Tapestry
and much more

Come and play at
World Jungle’s Circus Area
with Mr.Ben and his team

Weaving wild stories in a
Organic Playground

Plus family crafting
and skills with Semble