juggling unicycling 

Hula hoops plate spinning

crazy upcycled clothes 

devil sticks poi

pogo  slackline stilts  

space hoppers crafts


Come and try out World Jungle’s Circus Area with Mr.Ben and his team with a chance to learn juggling, devil sticks, plate spinning, unicycling and poi. Bounce around on our space hoppers & pogo sticks and get those hips moving with some hula action. Move yourself around on pedal gos and even work on your balance on the slackline and stilts! Learn how to create giant bubbles that will wow your friends and family and keep you popping forever! Create some crafts and some crazy clothing in the World Jungle art area using recycled materials and your imagination!

World Jungle is an award winning social enterprise all about bringing people together, creating healthier communities and sharing the best of our world.
Our work is divided into different activity areas (Cultural, Health, Community and Events), fusing culture and creativity, dynamic health and wellbeing, inspiring events and a long term strategic commitment to improving our community and environment. We work to build effective partnerships, connect communities and deliver creative solutions to challenges facing our society.  

Weaving wild stories with Organic Playgrounds
Organic Playgrounds is a social enterprise collective, creatively transforming childrens playspaces and lives with permaculture design and education.

At Hawkwood’s Seed Festival this July Organic Playgrounds will be hosting an organic play area, so come help us to weave a beautiful sensory tapestry, filled with twigs, flowers, poems and boundless creativity, sharing our intentions for bringing all we wish to see in this world into being. And come sit with us a while in our woodland story circle where we will be sharing tales new and old to inspire, ignite and awaken our desires for being the change we want to see in the world.