Victoria Whelan is Artistic Director and Producer of the Seed Festival. Co founder of festival with Hawkwood's CEO Alicia Carey. Director of Seed Idea, Principal of PQA Torbay and musician; she's excited about new project S.H.E. Nation. Victoria produces albums, artwork, videos and events including: Dartington festivals in 2011, Tagore Festival featuring Deepak Chopra, Vandana Shiva and Satish Kumar. Also producing the first UK Social Justice festival, Interrogate. Helping deliver Home festival with Suzanne Vega. Programmed Inspiration4Ability in Bristol UWE, and working on the team for Westcountry Storytelling Festival at Embercombe.; she programmed and delivered Quest 2013, Devon.

Alicia Carey is CEO of Hawkwood's Centre for Future Thinking , responsible for the vision and strategic direction of the college as well as its general overall management. Alicia began at Hawkwood in 2011.
Katie Lloyd-Nunn is the Programme and Communications Manager, she leads in the planning of the course programme with Alicia, along with its publicity, and she also coordinates Hawkwood’s development work.

Priscila Pabon - Communications Manager Born in Colombia, she spent most of her childhood growing up on tropical islands off the coast of Panama. Moved by a strong sense of social justice she studied Law in Madrid and Prague, before moving to the UK in September 2015 for her Masters in International Relations at the University of Sussex.She combines her background in event coordination, design and communications with her passion for community projects, alternative living and green economics, and dreams of one day setting up a social business of her own. She is currently based in St. Ives, Cornwall.

Hannah Conduit - Digital Marketing Manager. Hannah is a conservationist working towards a career in social marketing. Having studied a BSc in Wildlife Conservation and an MSc in Science Communication, she is deeply interested in environmental and social movements. Currently, she lives in Bristol and dedicates her spare time to environmental and conservation campaigns. Being a little bit of a jack-of-all trades, she loves to explore, write, design, draw, photograph and play guitar in between trawling the internet for her next trip or project.

Mel with Bruce Parry at Seed Festival 2015
Mel Trievnor - Artists & Speaker Liason Manager. Mel has been organising events for the last 25 years. She started when she was 19, living in Amsterdam where she brought a variety of performers and bands together to create a touring show taking it around Holland. For the last 12 years Mel has been organising sustainability events at Forum for the Future including the first 2 years of Bristol's Big Green Week. She also organises communal camps for the Woodcraft Folk. Mel's passion for event management is best expressed through festivals so it is with great pleasure that she will be assisting for the third time in delivering the Seed Festival at Hawkwood.

Rhiannon Milsom is the Marketing Project Manager for Hawkwood. She co-ordinated the creation of this website and continues to update it. She is project manager for the production of the brochure and produces leaflets, flyers, posters and online marketing campaigns. Rhiannon began at Hawkwood in August 2012.