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celebrates courageous climate leadership,
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in partnership with our natural world

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Hawkwood’s Seed Festival – Charity no. 311767

Action is the theme of the 2019 Hawkwood’s Seed Festival as we ride the wave of change!

We are at a crossroads, and with growing environmental and political challenges around the world there has perhaps never been a more crucial time to come together and act with our future, and the planet in mind.



Kate Raworth, Doughnut Economics & Juliet Davenport, Good Energy
Join us for a talk and networking morning to look at the business of business using the doughnut economics model with Kate Raworth. We will also hear from Juliet Davenport of Good Energy on how she runs her company within these values. We will examine how we can work within existing systems for positive change alongside looking at new models and paradigms – all with the aim of looking to create a fairer, more equitable society living within planetary means. Book Separately from Seed Festival as its a pre-festval event.

With over 100 contributors, workshops, activities and exhibitions over the weekend, Hawkwood’s Seed Festival (Charity no. 311767) provides a fertile ground for festival-goers to explore their own personal connection to the earth and the challenges of environmental change through music, poetry, debate, nature and community connection.

Celebrating and protecting our environment is central to the ethos of Hawkwood and our grounds with onsite biodynamic farm, woodland, natural spring and gardens provide an ideal setting for planting big ideas. We are proud to organise and host this weekend in partnership with Seed Idea that acts as a catalyst for action, activism and creative expression.


2017’s huge line-up, included BBC’s Bruce Parry, Caroline Lucas, Tim Smit and Rob Hopkins, plus world-class music from Rising Appalachia, Ganda Boys, Seize the Day’s Shannon Smy, and BBC and Radio 4 Poet Matt Harvey, Chris Paradox and more.

In 2013 and 2017 Hawkwood’s Seed Festival featured Charles Eisenstein, Mac Macartney, Satish Kumar, Scilla Elsworthy, Polly Higgins, Juliet Davenport, Nigel Shaw & Caroline Hillyer, Sika, Seize the Day and much more.

Hawkwood - Centre for Future Thinking

Our vision is about creating the world we want for now and our future. We are a place that convenes people and organisations from many disciplines in support of creative endeavour, a flourishing society and a sustainable environment.

Planting Big Ideas

 Hawkwood’s beautiful setting with its biodynamic farm, country house, natural spring, gorgeous grounds and woodlands allow people to relax and be nourished in nature. 

Inspiring Speakers

Charles Eisenstein – Sacred Economics • Caroline Lucas & Natalie Bennett – Green Party Leader • Jonathon Porritt – Forum for the Future • Scilla Elworthy – Rising Women, Rising World • Satish Kumar – Resurgence • Polly Higgins – Ecocide •  Mac Macartney – Embercombe and so many more

Hawkwood Programme

Hawkwood is an ethical centre providing courses, facilitating training and offering venue hire, set in a beautiful location in the Cotswolds.

Hawkwood - Home away from Home

Whether your visting for a conference, enjoying a course, hiring it as a venue or simply chilling out at Rest-ival, Hawkwood is an inspiring and warm hearted home away from home.

Hawkwood’s Seed Festival is looking for volunteers over this amazing event for stewarding, decorating, ushering, box office, car parking, site management and lots more.


Our vision is to create a better world for now and for the future. We bring together people and organisations from many backgrounds in support of creative endeavour, a flourishing community and a sustainable environment.

We deliver three exceptional programmes:

A Place to Grow – a rich and varied educational programme that welcomes high profile, exceptional leaders and tutors to run courses in the areas of arts, well-being leadership and sustainability.

A Place to Create – we provide a cultural hub in the heart of the Cotswolds supporting artistic professionals and social entrepreneurs of all ages working with local, regional and national organisations.

A Place for Conversation – we provide  a space for people to explore pressing issues for society and our environment. In collaboration with world leaders in social change, we are working to create a valuable community resource that supports bold ideas for a creative and flourishing society. 

We are committed to caring for the environment and strive to be ethical and thoughtful in all aspects of our work.

Seed Festival – Planting Big Ideas is one of our inspirational events programmed in collaboration with Seed Idea encouraging ethical living and inspiring action in support of climate justice.

Come and join us at Hawkwood!

Finding and be Fuelled by your Deep WHY

When my clients connect passionately to their deepest WHY they tap into a vast and rich vein of energy and enthusiasm. Arriving with their initial idea I take them on an unorthodox journey through my creative toolkit to make this fledging idea more rich and robust, so it has a chance to thrive amidst the external pressures of life.

It doesn’t matter what their project is, they’re encourage to explore it as a painting, an opera, a stand-up, a cause and more – all unearth different treasures. It’s the opera though, that connects them to their WHY as they allow the emotion to move unedited and the more total the expression, the deeper dive into their WHY.

For me my WHY is simple. I Ignite Change-Makers, not just for them or me, but for the sake of us all. It lites me up when they connect with their passion project, embody their brilliance, transform their calling into a business and have the impact they long for. If everyone in the world were doing what they LOVE 24/7 the world would change. I’m not talking about a fluffy love but Love as a muscle. For me the Seed Festival is about Loves’ role in the Eco-Movement, as fear simply doesn’t work. So lets take action to protect what we Love, fuelled by a deep passionate WHY!

Victoria Whelan – Seed Idea

Inspiring a Reforestation Revolution

Journey to a Billion Trees – There is a powerful solution to climate change ~ the radical reforestation of our planet.

Treesisters have begun our journey from a million trees a year to a billion trees a year. We don’t know how long it will take us to realize this dream, but we know that it’s the only scale that makes sense in today’s climate.

We are gathering all women who feel called to this dream because together we’re a powerful force of nature. If you’d like to go on a deep inner journey of self-discovery and activation while helping to reforest the tropics, this journey is for you…

Biodynamic Gardening Club

This is the Biodynamic Association’s inspirational new venture: a digital gardening club for all that are curious about biodynamic approach and practices, who want to learn  more, deepen their relationship with Nature and their patch, and create havens of  vitality and biodiversity – above and below ground.
Our vision is to build a mutually supportive and inter-active UK wide on line gardening community. Together with our partners, Weleda and Waltham Place Estate, our mission is to empower people to nurture truly planet friendly plots, make a lasting difference for the Earth, and grow great food!  Eager to know more and join us ?  Email office@biodynamic.org.uk 

“Nature shrinks as capital grows. The growth of the market cannot solve the very crisis it creates.”
Vandana Shiva

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!” 
Naomi Klein 

“This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model, for the first time in human history.”
Christiana Figueres

More at Hawkwood

The work you and @transitiontowns do is the community bedrock of the current environmental movement - thank you! Catch Rob at @SeedFestival this July. Early bird tickets at just £88 (£115 from 1st June)

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Author of 'living trees' Robin Walter is at #seedfestival2019 to walk the trees of @HawkwoodCFT Join him this July & explore all things trees - discover their importance, reflect their contributions, consider how to better nourish & protect them 🌳Tickets: https://t.co/2hWg98p9rS

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